You are a formulator or importer of short-fills or e-liquids containing nicotine?

Then you are under legal obligation to provide a compliant Safety Data Sheet to your buyers.

Safety data sheets are documents needed to communicate the proper hazard information to chemical downstream users in order to protect their health and the environment. The Safety Data Sheet format is regulated through a UN standard called GHS. The GHS varies according to the region where you are selling your products.

Lisam Systems can help you to cope with the complexity of Safety Data Sheets and labels generation!

Find out how

Software Solutions

SDS Authoring

Our SDS Authoring tool, ExESS, will help you generate Safety Data Sheets in compliance with over 20 GHS regions thanks to its advanced classification calculation engine.
  • Automated content based on classification
  • Allergen detection
  • Integrated classified products (nicotine, glycerol, aromas)
  • PCN generator
ExESS will also ease the classification of exempted products to always make sure that no classification means right classification! Software Solutions Lisam

SDS Distribution

Having a hard time getting supplier information or sharing info with your buyers? PubliChem centralises your safety documents to efficiently manage hazard communication.
  • Automatic SDS distribution to buyers
  • Document Request to Supplier
  • Tracking of SDS delivery and receipts
  • Documents archiving

Lisam Systems is the ideal partner to ensure and maintain product stewardship. Raise your consumer safety standards to a whole new level with Lisam!