Lisam Acquires Megabyte

Lisam Acquires Megabyte

15 February 2019
The Lisam Group is proud to announce the official acquiring of Megabyte on February 4th, 2019.

After weeks of negotiation, Lisam was eventually selected as the best candidate to ensure the development of Megabyte. Megabyte is a Belgian company with 30 years of experience in the delivery of infrastructure services.

The expertise of Megabyte in IT infrastructure management and in software solutions integration will enable Lisam to improve the IT services needed to satisfy its customer base. In return, with Lisam, Megabyte will benefit from the support of an experienced software publisher that will help to distribute new and improved solutions to its customers.

On top of bringing a positive blend of skills and talent together, we are convinced this merger will offer infinite opportunities and further promote the two companies’ growths.

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